• We ship free from orders of 6 or more bottles.
  • Payment will be made on the day the wine is delivered in cash, check or bank transfer.
  • A digital receipt will be sent by e-mail.
  • Delivery time - deliveries are made every two weeks. If there is a change, a date will be set for your coordination.
  • Packaging - As part of our efforts to reduce waste, the wines are sent in handmade wooden boxes for reuse. The cost of their deposit is 20 NIS.
  • Storage - Our wines are made in a natural process according to the organic and biodynamic standard. They contain no preservatives other than low-dose sulphite.
  • Therefore, they should be accommodated under appropriate conditions. Recommended at temperatures not exceeding 18 ° C.
  • Our wines are not filtered, so there may be slight deposits at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Any question or request can be contacted via the website, by telephone or by e-mail.